Sarough Rugs

brilliant-sarouk_225Situated near Arak in west-central Iran, the village of Sarough is an important historic center with an esteemed name in carpet weaving for the well sought after Sarough rugs well known for supplying the demand of the American market particularly from the 1920’s -1930.

Also known as Saruq and Sarouk the village of Sarough is considered to be a very significant village for rug weaving with it’s much sought after antique masterpieces produced prior to 1900. With the impressive craftsmanship of the artisans and the high quality of the materials found in the antique rugs they have caught the attention of private collectors and museums alike.

Sarouk (also Sarough or Saruk) premium rugs are typically made with a cotton foundation and a pile of high quality vegetable dyed wool with the occasional use of a wool-silk mixture and even some goat hair can be found in the foundation at times. Using hand-spun wool from their sheep the weavers use the Persian asymmetrical knot and weave patterns in bold reds, burgundy and navy in striking designs including floral vines and curvilinear to make the sought after rugs ranging in size from mid to large. The Sarouk rugs are also recognized for their coral background and their durability to hold up through decades of wear.

Whether you are buying a Sarouk rug for the love of it or for an investment, the old Sarouk rugs have seemingly held their value through time and are on the best seller list for Persian rugs.

These talented weavers can be found creating the Sarouk rugs in workshop environments and the village and you can easily purchase your beautiful Sarouk rug online and have it shipped to you.


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