Gabbeh Rugs

gabbeh_211Looking for a luxurious rug rich in color, made from high quality wool and with a range of designs to suit any interior?

Gabbeh rugs are hand knotted by the nomadic Qashqai tribal weavers from Shiraz in southern Iran. Favoring bright colors for their own homes the early weavers were influenced by their environment making each carpet design unique. Featuring geometric patterns with a sporadic inclusion of an animal or human figure the weavers get the fibers used in their rugs from their own sheep and goats. When translated the word Gabbeh means unclipped referring to the weave that can also include Turkish knots with up to 100 knots per square inch.

Some rugs have color changes in the horizontal bands. This kind of color variation as with the occasional gray fibres in the natural woollen yarn is called abrash and that ensures that even if you buy two or more rugs no two are the same.

Nowadays , there are many rugs that are made in the style of the Gabbeh rugs with vibrant patterns and colors however they are often made in India or countries outside of Iran.  These rugs can still be of very high quality using beautiful wool fiber.

Being woven with high quality wool and loose piles the Gabbeh rugs tend to be very soft and thick and therefore will give you a very lavish feeling underfoot or when touched. A beautiful treasure to enhance any home or office!

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