Color and its Impact on Interior Design

Do Colors play a crucial element in interior design and the direction you go with your rug selection?

Your choice of rug will be influenced by style, size, color and very importantly whether you are buying a Persian rug for purely decorative reasons or for a functional purpose in your environment and therefore have your rug stand up to the wear and tear of traffic.

Color is a part of the essential quality of the rugs that you choose to buy.  The colors in a rug are as important as the colors in other art forms such as paintings and the beauty and appeal of the rug depends on it.

Color and its impact upon the human psyche and our environment has played a major role through time and across many different cultures with the symbolism of colors sometimes varying from culture to culture.

For example, white in many cultures represents purity and peace however in the Orient in countries such as China white is the color of mourning.  Blue is often considered the color of heaven and the night sky and symbolizes meditation and spirituality.  Red is energetic, vibrant and powerful and represents passion, creativity and growth in many cultures.  Green represents paradise that is abundant with flowering trees and plants and the faithful spring that always returns.  Green is also recognition and attainment.

The beauty and appeal of many Persian rugs lies in the myriad of beautiful rich colors often made from natural dyes or for some Persian rug enthusiasts from the more subtle neutral colors and shades that can even come from the use of camel hair in a rug.

When introducing and mixing more than one rug into your environment color and tone are important, as is the pile.  Lay the two rugs side by side during daylight hours, step back from the rugs to look at them and then half close your eyes to examine the color and tonal balance of the two rugs.

Color can influence our mood, emotions, performance and even decision making so when choosing your Persian rug you may find yourself drawn to a rug that has colors that can enhance your mood and the enjoyment of your home or office.

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